Propeller Change

We’ve always had trouble going astern in Tiffane.  She just doesn’t respond, even stopping is very difficult.  We had the prop checked last year but it wasn’t worn or slipping.  However, it was a very small 2-bladed job, more suitable for a small petrol engine.

This year we therefore decided to replace it, but unfortunately the new one hadn’t arrived by launch day.  So this week-end we beached her and the engineer replaced it.

Beaching in Conwy river is very easy, there are so many mud banks to choose from!  As there was quite a breeze blowing (3 gusting 5 in the river, 4 gusting 6 out at sea), we went for the upwind shore – trickier to do the beaching but trivial to get her back off again.

The bad news is that although she performs better, the problem isn’t fixed.  I personally think the gearbox is slipping so that’s another job…

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