About Tiffane

This page is all about Tiffane, our Folkdancer 27. The Folkdancer is a fairly rare boat, there aren’t many to be found on the Web. The Frederick Parker design is basically a larger version of the Folkboat, with a GRP hull and rather more space (I can vouch for this as my Dad owns a Folkboat). We bought her in April 2004 and since then have been fixing all the problems! This has taken a long time, we can usually only spare a single day over a weekend, and often the weather has conspired against us. This blog contains a history of this toil.

A special Thank You goes to Mary for being so patient and helping out so much, especially over the cold and miserable winter months.

For further information on Folkdancer 27’s, one of the best places to start is the folkdancer blog, run by Clarissa Vincent, owner of Storm Petrel of Narnia.


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